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LAZERS is a free local multiplayer 2D action game, where you need to kill all other players with LAZERS !

Play up to 4 players in every gamemode, unlock skins and customize your player's color, hours of fun in multiplayer !

0.1.4 content :

  • 8 Weapons
  • 30 Battle levels
  • Tutorial and sandbox mode
  • Classic mode with lives and points limit
  • 11 animated skins to buy in the game's shop (with the game's money that you earn by playing)

Coming soon (unordered) :

  • More weapons
  • More maps
  • More skins
  • Level editor with a share system
  • Team parameter for the classic mode (4 players only)
  • Solo challenges with online leaderboards (1 player)
  • Sports mode with online leaderboards (1-4 players)
  • French translation
  • Maybe an online mode ?...

Youtubers, video makers, feel free to make videos on my game with your friends !

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Version 0.1.4 1 day ago

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is it full and functional ?? it's out of resolution on my pc .. my monitor is 1280x1024 

and the controls XD only movement and enter work

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The game is still in developpement, so it's not full and not fully functionnal, but I update it when i find a bug

The controls are fully working on keyboard and controller, at the first start it automatically open the keyboard configuration panel, but I agree that I need to work more on the keyboard part of the game.

Here is the default controls with the keyboard : https://imgur.com/a/jIBMf

Update released :) Have fun

thx will try it ^_^